A Restaurant with Live Music in 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ

A Restaurant with Live Music in 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ

July 24, 2020

Are you tired of eating at the same old chains and pubs? Are you looking for a restaurant in Tucson, AZ with great food and a peaceful ambiance? The Boxyard is a unique eatery and wine bar located in on 4th Avenue in Tuscan, AZ. One of the many things that set this artistically designed restaurant above the rest is its eye-catching construction. The Boxyard is composed of 10 different brightly colored shipping containers. These shipping containers are used to accommodate the four different local food vendors, as well as two full wine bars and beer bars. They also function as both indoor and outdoor seating so that guests can view the numerous spectacular viewpoints around the restaurant. The restaurant's architecture blends seamlessly with the environment The courtyard of the Boxyard is also well lit and the outdoor seating is well equipped to weather the not always favorable conditions of the desert.

The four different food vendors make it impossible for one to grow bored, The Boxyard brings you local food with flavors from all over the world. Their food vendors include food such as Vietnamese, Indian, BBq from the Bronx, and Percheron. With so many different unique dishes to taste, you will get to try something new during every visit!

In the hot and dry Arizona heat, nothing will quench your thirst like the taste of an ice-cold craft beer after a long and tiring day of shopping and sightseeing on 4th avenue! The Boxyard has several specialty ciders and craft beers on tap such as the Boxyard Craft Lager and Coffee Brown. They also have a variety of delicious cocktails such as Kiss From a Rose, The Tommy, Silhouette Saloon, and Ruby Slipper. These flavors will sure to please tourists and locals alike! Grab a yummy-sounding drink and watch the sunset on 4th Avenue from the Boxyard's balcony. It is the perfect spot to have a drink after a long hard day at the office.

Even though the Boxyard is widely known for its craft beers and cocktails it is also the perfect place to take the whole family. The Boxyard has several sweet drink options for the little ones as well as several food options that are sure to impress even them! It is also a great place to bring your dog after a walk. The Boxyard is dog friendly!

The Boxyard also has event nights with live music, as if you needed another reason to check them out! Check out their events page for upcoming live music acts to get the full Boxyard experience. This one of a kind restaurant is the perfect place to get a one of a kind experience. It''s a one-stop-shop for all your tastebud's needs. This is truly a progressive and eclectic restaurant with something to offer everyone. People of all ages, of all backgrounds and tastes will find something to enjoy here at The Boxyard. If you are looking to get a real taste of Tuscan then look no further than The Boxyard!