Best Restaurant Near 4th Ave Tucson for Food & Drinks

4th Ave Tucson Restaurants

Best Restaurant Near 4th Ave Tucson for Food & Drinks

May 15, 2020

Every neighborhood has its own unique culture. Its own tastes, smells, and sounds, and Tucson is no exception. A University town, Tucson is world-renowned for its wide-open skies, perfect for stargazing, its annual gem and mineral show, and its food! In Tucson, the throbbing heart of the city –4th Avenue – lies between the University of Arizona and a rapidly revitalizing downtown. What's more, the best restaurant in Tucson is ingeniously installed right there on 4th ave, the innovative and flavor-forward Boxyard.

Food & Drinks in Tucson
Averaging 286 beautiful sun-drenched days per year, we like to joke that while it may be hot, at least it's a dry heat. And when the temperatures are rising and the humidity is nonexistent, nothing tastes better than an ice-cold craft beer. Plus, as you are strolling along the avenue, popping into eclectic upcycle and vintage clothing shops, taking in the public art, you are likely to work up an appetite.

Because The Boxyard is really many restaurants in one, whether you are dining al fresco in the courtyard, or inside one of the eye-catching boxcars themselves, you are indulging in the most progressive, most taste bud-tantalizing food court Tucson has ever created.

Craving curry? Spice it up at the Indian Twist restaurant. Are you a Bahn mi enthusiast? Cool off with a Thai iced tea and the vibrant, fresh flavors of lovingly crafted Vietnamese delicacies at Nhu Lan Vietnamese. Looking for something substantial? Wrap your hands around the signature Percheron burro at the Percheron Mexican Grill, and revel in the perfect marriage of salty steak, gooey mozzarella, and the bright tang of fresh tomatoes and caramelized onions.

Or, perhaps you simply need the comforting food hug of a pulled pork sandwich and fried mac and cheese. Well then, head over to Bronx BX BBQ.

Perfect for Locals, a Treat for Travelers
Whether you are a born and bred Tucson wildcat, or an accomplished world traveler, The Boxyard boasts a one-of-kind dining experience. With its wide assortment of flavors, its dedication to design, and its strong sense of place, you are guaranteed to make memories that will have you eagerly planning your next visit.

Today's trip may be dedicated to spice and chili-driven heat paired with the citrus refreshment of The Tommy, a house-crafted cocktail featuring St. Germain, lime, and grapefruit juice, and Vodka of course. Whereas, in late summer, you may decide that The Boxyard balcony is the ideal spot to watch the monsoons roll in – knowing you can run downstairs to sip a big, sultry red from the safety of one of the two wine bars as the storm erupts. When winter arrives, pull on a coat and a hat and head down to The Boxyard for the warmth of cheesy, meaty, soul-satisfying dishes and perhaps some live music.

So, when we make the bold, but confident claim that The Boxyard is the best 4th Ave Tucson downtown restaurant, it's exactly because it's not just a single restaurant or a single culinary perspective. It's a festival of flavor. It's food court Tucson central! And nobody can beat that.