The Boxyard - Outdoor Dining in Tucson

Outdoor Dining

The Boxyard - Outdoor Dining in Tucson

July 24, 2020

It's never boring in the desert when you are at the Boxyard! From 11am-2am, a lot of relaxing things are happening in this colorful array of shipping containers converted into 4 continental restaurants, 2 relaxing wine and beer bars, and a courtyard where fun things and outdoor dining happen with your buddies.

If you find yourself at 238 N 4th Avenue in Tucson, go to South Asia when you dine at Indian Twist and feast on Chicken Cooked in Mild Mango Sauce and Vegetable Masala for lunch.

If you want deals on your favorite lager, check out the "Pour Before Four" offer to get your favorite local beers for only $2.50 each... or your beer imports at only $3 each. Only on weekdays.

If you find yourself after dark at the Boxyard, go for some Rice Vermicilli with Grilled Pork and Deep Fried Spring Rolls (Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio) at Nhu Lan Vietnamese.

Then, after having your fill, head over to the Courtyard where the Live Music begins and fills the sweet desert air.

Be in good company, with friends and familiar faces. Aside from the best experience in outdoor dining in Tucson, the Boxyard is known to be a pet friendly spot.

Another note worthy selection is the Bronx BX BBQ. You'll crave their Fried Macaroni and Cheese and their Thee Burger (100 percent ground beef with smoked brisket fat and spices).

Around 3pm, the desert air starts to cool, and you decide to take in the relaxed atmosphere of the Courtyard. A Maker's Mark Bourbon for you, a peach liqueur for her, and unsweetened ice tea for the kid.

Darkness falls on the Boxyard and your trio's stomachs rumbles. You want outdoor dining for dinner and you get it from Percheron, the Boxyard's Mexican themed restaurant.

You go for their Caramelo Quesadillas and their specialty, Percheron Burros. It is Diesmillo Steak, melty mozzarella, with avocado, fresh tomato, and caramelized grilled onions with a hint of mayo (all wrapped in craft hand made flour tortilla).

Last but not least, the Boxyard is a Party Place! It has the best outdoor dining in Tucson. Contact us to host your next event, or just stop on by. Courtyard reservations available for large parties.

The Boxyard is located at 238 N 4th Avenue in Tucson. Email us at

Your pets are welcome. Good times & good vibes.