The Boxyard - The Best Place To Eat in Tucson, AZ

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The Boxyard - The Best Place To Eat in Tucson, AZ

June 19, 2020

What makes a destination the best place to eat? The obvious answer is the food! But it's more than that, isn't it? A slew of other criteria springs to mind. Things like:
- is it near other interesting activities?
- is the space attractive, interesting, unusual?
- will I enjoy being there?
- is there something great to wash down the food?
- is there live music or themed events?

The Boxyard responds with an emphatic, "Yes!" to all of this and more.

There are a million places to get food, but what makes The Boxyard the best place to eat in Tucson is the intersection of these critical success factors.

Exploring Tucson's 4th Ave
While Tucson doesn't have a slogan that's quite equivalent to Austin's "Keep Austin Weird", we do have 4th Avenue. When people travel here and ask locals where they should go to get a real sense of the Tucson vibe, the answer is invariably 4th Ave.!
Because 4th Ave. connects the University of Arizona to downtown, it's organically a high foot traffic area. But it's much more than that. It's also jam-packed with locally owned shops, booksellers, eateries, and public art. It's Tucson's eye candy epicenter for quintessentially Tucson sites and sounds. And, The Boxyard boasts one of the best views on the block.

Plus, The Boxyard blends with the creative symphony of its environment, but it also stands out thanks to its innovative re-purposing of actual shipping containers enrobed in bold hues. And drinks! Did we mention the drinks??

Whether you're looking for an adult beverage or a sweet sipper for the littles, The Boxyard has you covered. From the eponymous Boxyard Craft Lager to a creamy horchata from Percheron Mexican Grill or a mango boba flavor explosion from Nhua Lan, there's no shortage of palette pleasers in the drinks department.

A Dining Experience
More than a place to eat in Tucson, The Boxyard offers a dining experience. Many people fondly recall the innovative "Choose Your Own Adventure" books popularized in the late 1970s and early 1980s because they put the reader in the driver's seat. Well, The Boxyard does the same for dining.

With four distinct cuisines to choose from and both indoor & outdoor dining spaces, each trip to The Boxyard is a unique dining adventure where you choose your setting and design how it will unfold.

Today, grab some you time with a little online gaming, a vegetarian burrito, and a Cucumber Crush Sour Ale.

Later this week, have a date night! Sit under the stars and the romantic string lights above The Boxyard courtyard and nosh on Indian food while daydreaming about all the trips you will take together.

Next month, bring the whole gang for an evening of live music, slow sipping, and round after round of delectable eats from each of the tasty restaurants.

A Gateway to Adventure
From style to substance, from the culinary to the cultural, this local spot specializes in creating a memorable and unique visit. Like a riddle from a fairytale... "name a place where you go over and over again but every time you arrive it's new" ... The Boxyard!
So, while The Boxyard qualifies as a place to eat, it's equally a gateway to adventure!