Bars and Pubs - Boxyard's Perfect Dining Venues in Tucson, AZ

Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs - Boxyard's Perfect Dining Venues in Tucson, AZ

June 14, 2020

Beer, Wine, or a Cocktail?
Sometimes we feel like having a crisp lager, especially on a hot, lethargic afternoon when the sun is high in the sky. Other times, a craft cocktail is all that will suffice. Something tart and sassy, with a bit of a sweet finish. Still, other times, only the mellow embrace of slightly peppery zinfandel will cure our cravings. This is the foundation of why bars and pubs exist.

However, and this is a big one, even with a proliferation of bars and pubs, and a spike in the popularity of the art of cocktail making, you seldom find a single locale that will meet every need. A single spot that can service the whims of a whole group of friends out for a night of revelry or a day of relaxation.

Charming Choices
This is the magic, the charm of The Boxyard, a destination that simply boasts the widest range of choice among all of the bars and pubs in Tucson. Feel like a beer? Have one! Not sure whether it should be an IPA or something more seasonal, why not both? With two wine bars, custom cocktails, and craft beers, there is something special for every person and every mood.

And, the choices only begin with the beverage landscape. From there, you can create endless combinations of taste sensations as you choose your beer, wine, or cocktail and then pair it with satisfying samples of a wide array of flavors from four separate eateries.

Traveling Taste Buds
Take your taste buds from Vietnam to India. Or, embark on a salty, savory food pilgrimage from sizzling tacos to Bronx-style BBQ. This the beauty of starting or ending your night (or both!) at The Boxyard where you can order delectable dishes from Nhu Lan Vietnamese or Indian Twist. Or, grab a Sonoran hot-dog at Percheron Mexican Grill and a pulled pork sandwich from Bronx BX BBQ.

Imagine the spread you and your friends and family could compose. In front of you rests a plate of Cha Gio, deep-fried Vietnamese pork spring rolls. To your right, veggie samosas from Indian Twist. Ribs from Bronx BX BBQ and carne asada cheese fries from Percheron round out the impromptu tapas your group has created. And wham!

Bars and Pubs and World Tours
Your taste buds are certain they've just gone on vacation, courtesy of The Boxyard, and its perfect dining venues. While it's one of the best bars and pubs in Tucson, it just took you on a trip around the world.

Looking for some spice? I hear a plate of chicken tikka masala at Indian Twist calling my name. I think I'll chase the spice with an ice-cold beer, or two.